BANANA Before Workout✔ [seems simple but is useful]

Working out has become a part of everyone’s life. To gain energy people try out many things but they know not consuming banana might help a lot.

Bananas are evaluated as energy boosters. They are rich in carbohydrates, potassium, and many nutrients. They are easy to carry, eat and it gets digested easily.

As they are a good reference for carbohydrates, they break into glucose and it acts as a fundamental source of energy for your body. Glucose gets stored in muscles and liver which helps in providing energy to you during exercise.

Consuming banana before exercise/workout enhances your performance and expands the durability.

As it is a good source of fiber, it helps in sugar absorption in the blood and manageable movement of glucose to provide energy in your body during a workout.

Potassium helps to equalize the process in the body hence it helps muscle contraction which leads to no muscle cramps in your body. Less amount of potassium in the body causes muscle cramps.

So….. banana a simple and easily available fruit can benefit you in many ways. Do follow this to have a healthy workout.

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