No onion and garlic when homeopathy medicines are prescribed?

The practice of avoiding strong-smelling foods like onion, garlic, coffee has been followed for a very long time.

Homeopathy medicines are generally taken orally and are told not to swallow but let it dissolve in the mouth with the help of saliva.

This slow process in the mouth helps the medicine to get absorbed by the lingual nerves and work accordingly.

So, strong-smelling food items might affect the medicinal properties and might also alter the absorption capacity. The medication effect might become zero. Hence it is directed to avoid strong-smelling foods while having these medicines.

It is better to avoid such food items before having these medicines. There is no such rule to stop consuming onions and garlic in your regular diet

  • Just make sure you don’t consume strong-smelling foods (generally 30 minutes) before having pills of homeopathy.

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