Knowing food labels.

Whatever you buy from the market, the food product contains some details on its cover or package. The details present has its own meaning to understand that every individual buying it should know about it.

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) of India and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA are the bodies that guide food companies(in respective countries) to mention the labels regarding nutrition and health information.

Food labels are legal and important requirement which help consumers make a choice about food before they buy.

The main points to be checked are mentioned below.

Name of food: The company’s name, name of the food product, it’s tag line is mentioned highlighting the whole package.

Net quantity and size of serving: Net quantity is the whole weight of the product which includes the weight of the package and the weight of the food in it. Serving size is the number of cups /scoops a pack contains. It also includes a number of calories, nutrients, minerals, fiber, sugar, fats in each cup.

Nutritional Information: Main points you need to check are the amount of energy, fat content-saturated and unsaturated, sugar. The package should contain less saturated fats, sodium, and added sugar. If the label contains word added before the sugar it means added sugars are added even in the presence of total sugar.

Veg or Nonveg mark: The symbol for veg is a green dot and no veg is a red dot.

List of ingredients: The ingredients used in the processing of food are listed in a table along with the quantity. Checking the first three ingredients with the quantity is enough because the ingredients used are mentioned in descending order of the quantity used.

Declaration regarding food additives: The food additives are present with the quantity of usage in each pack and hence mentioned that they are healthy to use for the benefit of the product and used in a limited amount.

FSSAI mark: It gives an assurance to the buyer about it’s best manufacturing practice and safety of the product and security as well.

Best before and manufacturing date: These must be checked before buying any product or else it might causing health issues.

Maximum Retail Price

Instructions for use: should be mentioned so that anyone should be able to try out the product and gets to know it’s usage.

Name and address of manufacture, lot/code/batch identification number are also present for a guarantee to the buyer as well as to a seller.

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