Even after eating alot some stay lean. Why?

Never judge a person by how much they eat! This might seem sarcastic but sometimes it’s true.

They have a natural or balanced body weight due to the entire calorie input than concentrating on metabolism.

The reasons for a person being like that can be:

NEAT – It is Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Moving here and there, doing activities burn the calories in the body. These activities don’t seem hard or make your body work harder but these still burn your body fat. When you move, you burn calories and hence double your metabolic rate. People participating in NEAT are more active and they don’t need to spend special time for fitness activities.

Lean Muscle Tissue – People who eat and eat and don’t gain weight tend to have a higher percentage of lean muscles than the percentage of fat in the body. Muscle calories can be burnt easily than the calories in the fat. If a person has a higher metabolism, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) activates and starts producing lean muscle tissues which further raises the metabolic rate. Lean muscle tissues help in providing energy at the time if insufficient amount of food is in the body. Small movements daily are better than vigorously exercising, losing weight for a period of time.

Having Higher Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)– Calories burnt whilst participating NEAT and consuming a good amount of food.

Genes – 40% to 70% of our body pattern is due to genes.

Getting enough amount of sleep – A sleeping pattern of 6-7 hours (a good night sleep) maintains the body and balance in calorie burn.

Eating pattern – Eat less but at many intervals of time. Just like snacking.

Some might have medical issues –

  • Having type 1 Diabetes, which makes them stay thinner.
  • Some might have thyroid.
  • Hormone imbalance, having a high amount of leptin which makes the body lose weight easily.

So these are some facts know so far why people stay so lean even after eating too much.

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