Why do you feel cool after having mint and water.

While chewing mint, mint flavoured chewing gums , pepper mints and atleast having a sip of water makes you feel very cool and activates your brain.

Menthol in mint which makes your taste receptors active and feel cool when it reacts with water.

It’s all a magic of TRPM8Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel subfamily M memeber 8, a protein present in mouth and skin which is also known as cold receptor.

TRPM8 is an ion channel which regulates movement of ions in cellular membranes. The movement of ions to and fro the nerve cells initiate a sensation in mouth and signal to brain to feel cold.

Menthol in mint binds with TRPM8 which regulates the ion channel and starts movement of ions creating sensation in mouth and mind as well.

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